Ron Waldeck

"A man who paints to live, and who lives to paint"

Ron Waldeck Paintings

Ron Waldeck the artist

"A man who paints to live, and who lives to paint", is an apt description of the artist Ron Waldeck. His involvement in art started at an early age and his passion for wild life, birds and animals is as strong as ever.

Detailed realism is the name of his game, being self taught, he has developed an unique style of his own, that is unmistakable. Producing a consistently high standard is very important to him and all his paintings must meet these personal criteria, or they are simply rejected and not offered for sale.

Animal close up portraits, present a special challenge,that is very time consuming. However, when successful, they provide the artist a very special feeling of satisfaction.

Ron has been painting for the past 30 years so he has obviously matured in his chosen field and the mediums of his choice, acrylic being the one, and then an combination of watercolour and gouache, the other.

Now resident in the Cape for the since 1998, the sea and all its aspects has had an influence on his attitude and a more recent innovation is the painting of boats, harbour's, wine estates and landscapes of this beautiful area of South Africa.


Strand, Western Cape